Thursday, August 30, 2012

L'Oreal Tweet Me | Swatch and Review

Hey guys! Today I have swatched L'Oreal's Tweet me, a gorgeous lemon yellow jelly with pink, gold and yellow flakies. Since Summer is on its last days, I figured I'd celebrate it with a bright, sunny, summertime color such as this one. I'm super excited about this nail polish because I don't own any other yellow nail polishes. That's right, none. I was so excited to find this on clearance that I snatched it up. It's also a jelly polish to make things even better. I don't have any of those either, so this is a very different manicure for me! My nails in these pictures are with three coats, four or five would be optimal, but I'm a bit impatient when it gets to be more than three coats. I also havn't used a top or base coat here so you can see how it truly looks.

With Essie Shine of the Times
Again with Essie Shine of the Times

Isn't this so gorgeous? I'm truly obessed with this shade.

The application for this polish was such a breeze. It applied smoothly and with little hassle. The only difficulty I encountered was a slightly streaky second coat, since the polish is so light and sheer. The brush on this polish is absolutly amazing as well, it's not too big, but not tiny either. It helps the nail polish go on evenly, and the somewhat stiff bristles make it so simple as opposed to those that bend too much.

You will still be able to see your nail lines, even after the three coats, so be aware of that. It is a jelly though, and would make for a great jelly sandwich!

I also tried it with the Essie Shine of the Times polish as a top coat, as pictured in the second and third images. It didn't come out as I'd hoped, and I much prefer the polish on its own. Its striking without any extra jazz.

You can find this any where that L'Oreal nail polishes are sold, such as Target, CVS, and other drugstroes.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August Favorites!

Hi my loves!
Its time for my monthly favorites again, since its now the end of August!
I've again narrowed it down to five products I've been using a lot of this month
and ones that I've been loving.
Hope you enjoy!

Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion:
I think this has to be one of the most well known mascaras, next to Lash Blast Volume. I picked both of these up recently and fell in love. I'd always heard so much hype about them, but never got around to trying them out but I'm so glad I did. I love Lash Blast Fusion because it gives great length and tons of volume. My lashes are somewhat sparse and thin, so I need as much volume as a mascara can give me. This definitely delivers.

American Beauty Blush in Flamingo:
I got this lovely little blush on clearance a while back at Kohl's and have been using it so much lately! It's a very bright pink in the pan, but it looks so natural on the cheeks. It is silky smooth and blends effortlessly. I'd never tried American Beauty products before this one, but its great quality and I'm looking foward to trying more now!

TIGI S Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum:
I love this product for keeping my hair soft and hydrated. Its great because you can either use it on damp hair, or very sparingly on dry hair. I feel that it gives better results on dry hair, and you use less product. I apply a tiny bit of this and my hair looks sleek, shiny and smooth. It's a bit pricey, but completely worth every penny.

NYC Eyebrow/Eyeliner Pencil in Taupe:
This is such a simple product, but I love it for filling in my eyebrows. This is the first pencil I've found that matches my eyebrows perfectly. Its definitely not a taupe shade, but more of a light brown color. The pencil is not too soft, but not hard either. I don't use it as an eyeliner, so I can't speak of it in that way, but if any of you have tried it out, please share!

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri Wheat Leave In Conditioner:
This is anothe product I heard lots about all over You Tube and knew I had to try it. I found it at a discounted price at Marshalls and took the oppertunity. Let me just say, I LOVE this product. I spray it in my hair while it is damp, and my hair looks so healthy when its dry. I don't have as much frizz, and each strand just looks smoother.

If you have your own favorites, please feel free to leave a link and let me know what products you have been loving, I'd love to try out some new products that you all recommend! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

August Empties | What I've Used Up This Month!

Hey loves, we are nearing the end of August now which is super depressing! Summer is gone now and although Fall is beautiful, I think Summer has to be my favorite season! I love all the bright colors and beautiful weather that only comes once a year! But, since we are at the end of another month, that means another round of used up products! Unfortunatly, I didn't finish up any makeup products this month but I have a few that are nearing the end for next months empties post! Enjoy!

Skin Milk Facial Wash:
I picked this up on a trip to the dollar store, just to test it out. Its a very basic cleanser, it doesn't moisturize or do anything special to the skin, but I found that it removed my makeup quite well and didn't leave any residue behind. The only thing I didn't like about this was the texture, it was difficult to create a lather because it was almost like gelatin. Overall, a good buy for a dollar.

Burberry Shower Gel:
I Love Burberry products. They always smell amazing. This one is no exception. I recieved it in a gift set two Christmas' ago and just recently rediscovered it. It lathers very well and surprisingly, the scent stays on your skin after you shower. This is probably the first shower gel I can say has ever done that for me!

Clean N Clear Steam Soft In Shower Facial:
This is a very unique product, and unlike anything I've ever tried. You apply it like a mask in the shower and let it sit for a few minutes. The steam of the shower activates it, and after those few minutes, you use it as a scrub. Its really fun to use because you can feel it working. It also made my skin baby soft and helped calm my breakouts.

Suave Dry Shampoo:
I for one have never been a huge fan of Suave products, until this. Dry shampoo is great on second day hair, and this really does the job. It sprays a white powder that absorbs and excess oil and truly refreshes my hair. Its also really affordable! If you are looking for a good dry shampoo, try this one out!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion:
I recieved this as part of a gift set for free when I spent over thirty dollars at the Clinique counter, and I can see why it was free. I didn't like this at all, the consistency was very runny and super light. When I see "Dramatically Different" in the title of the product, I expect results, yet this did nothing for the condition of my dry skin. I used it up simply not to waste it, but I wouldn't consider repurchasing the full size.

Lush Cupcake Face Mask:
This is an amazing face mask. You can see a full review on it here. Overall, its really good for acne and problem skin and I recommend it for anyone struggling with these issues.

I hope you all enjoyed this months empties!
If you've posted your own, feel free to leave a link in the comment section!
Thanks for reading ♥

Friday, August 24, 2012

Super By Dr Perricone Hyper Hydrator with Coconut Water Review

Hey loves, recently I've been a complete skincare junkie and have been trying out loads of new products to see which works best for me! A few weeks ago, I picked up the Super Hyper Hydrator with Coconut Water at Marshalls for $16.99 (Originally sold at Sephora for about $20.00) and fell in love with it! It is a super light moisturizer that still leave skin very soft and smooth and smelling of sweet coconuts! Now me, loving anything and everything with the word coconut associated with it, just had to try it!

What It Is: An intensive moisturizer that balances and softens.

What it is formulated to do: This hyper hydrator leaves skin soft to the touch and smelling sweet. As light and refreshing as water from a freshly tapped coconut, this tropical topical treat contains MCT, natural esters found in coconuts that are easily absorbed to quench skin's thirst.

What It Is Formulated Without: Parabens, silicones, mineral oil, phthalates, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances. It also is made without being tested on animals or by using animal by-products.

This moisturizer is so amazing. My skin has never felt softer and more moisturized than it does now. Lately, I've had very dry skin and this has helped so much. Coconut oil is so good for the skin, and it is the fourth ingredient in this product. Most products that list coconut oil or other beneficial ingredients list them near the bottom of the list, but coconut oil is a main ingredient in the Hyper Hydrator. This doesn't break me out as well, leading me to believe that it would be a great choice for sensitive skin.

I also love the packaging on this moisturizer. The box is 80% recycled, which is very important to me. I'm all about recycling and helping the environment as much as I can. Inside, the little glass jar with the simple label is adorable, and I also love that it comes with a tiny little spoon to scoop out the product with. It almost makes it more fun to use!

With this product, I don't have to feel bad that I'm putting tons of terrible things on my skin, because they leave all the junk (such as parabens and silicones) out. I know that what I'm putting on my skin is benefitting it and giving it exactly what it needs. Plus, the light sweet smell is very indulgent, so you can enjoy while your skin does too.

Price: $20.00 USD / 1 oz

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Top Five Beauty Products Under Five Dollars!

Hi loves! I recently found this great idea for a tag/post in a fellow beauty lovers blog!
Check out her post here!
I though it was a wonderful idea to share some of my affordable (and almost dirt cheap!) favorites with you all
since I'm always on the lookout for great buys.

Love & Beauty Blush in Peach ($1.99 at Forever 21):
I love this blush, the design is gorgeous and so is the color! It isn't super pigmented, but it gives my cheeks the most gorgeous flush. It has four colors in it, but swirled together they create a soft peach cream shade that looks amazing.

Love & Beauty Eyeshadow in Light Pink ($1.99 at Forever 21):
Forever 21 has some of the most amazing makeup! This eyeshadow is very interesting. Its not a powder but not a cream. You can't use a standard eye shadow brush to pick it up, but you have to use your fingers instead. Its extremely pigmented so you can concentrate it on your lids or sheer it out for use as a highlight. The color is gorgeous as well. Its a very light, reflective, metallic pink.

Jordana Color Effects Powder Eyeshadow in Over the Taupe ($1.99 on
I've used many high end and expensive eyeshadows, but I always find myself coming back to this shadow. It has amazing staying power and it will last all day, even in hot weather. It is a gorgeous cool deep brown/taupe shade with a hint of purple. The shadow is smooth to the touch and blends out like a dream. I really need to purchase more of these! (especially since I can find them often times at my local dollar store!)

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Pink Punch ($2.00 - $4.00, major retailers and drugstrores):
I'm sure you've all heard tons about this lip balm, but it is worth the hype. This is a gorgeous bright pink lip balm that glides on smoothly and moisturizes my lips. It also has a super yummy fruity scent (like fruit punch!) It's very pigmented and a great deal, I recommend checking this out!

Jordana Forever Flawless Pressed Powder ($1.99 on
This powder provides medium to full coverage without looking cakey. I use it to set my liquid foundation, and it keeps my face shine free all day. I love that it gives my skin an airbrushed finish for such a great price. I find that it performs better than many other powders I've tried for sometimes ten dollars or more.

L to R: Jordana Powder, Love and Beauty e/s in Light Pink, Love and Beauty blush in Peach, Jordana e/s in Over the Taupe, Baby Lips Pink Punch

I really hope that this post gave you all some ideas on affordable yet high quality products to try out! If you'd like, post your own version and leave it in the comments below, I'd love to check it out!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mary Kay Single Eyeshadows | Review and Swatches

Hi my loves, hope you all had a great Sunday! I decided to begin the week with a post on something I was lucky enough to win recently! I got to fill my own Mary Kay Mini Compact with my choice of products. Now, I for one had never tried Mary Kay prior to this, so didn't hold high expectations. But let me tell you, any expectations have been met and exceeded! I chose three eyeshadows (and a blush, but thats a different review!) in the shades Silky Caramel, Granite, and Honey Spice. The compact they came in is so gorgeous and sleek that it represents the high quality of the shadows inside!

Silky Caramel: A soft, warm shade of caramel. Matte.

Granite: A shimmery grey/brown/taupe.

Honey Spice: A shimmering pale gold cream.

L to R: Silky Caramel, Granite, Honey Spice

Packaging: When you first purchase these eyeshadows, they come in a flimsy plastic container. Its not a compact like a typical eyeshadow would come it, but almost packaged like a MAC refill eyeshadow. Its possible to use it in the plastic container, but obviously a pain. You can purchase the compact for the shadows, which come in three sizes- mini, standard, and Pro. They are very pricey and I don't know if I would have paid for one out of pocket.

Pigmentation: Each shade varies, but overall I'm impressed. Honey spice is much more pigmented than I was able to capture, especially since its a skin toned color. I use it to blend out the crease and it looks just gorgeous. It pops especially over a primer. Granite is the most pigmented out of the three and is buttery smooth. This color is so pigmented that a little goes a long way. Honey spice is right in the middle- not sheer but not super pigmented. I love using this shade all over the lids, or as a highlight depending on the look I'm going for.

Price: $6.50 USD for .05 ounce

*Excellent pigmentation
*Wearable shades
*Great Staying power
*Easy to blend

*Terrible packaging. Must purchase a compact to use easily.
*Not very accessible. You have to order online or with a representative.


Friday, August 17, 2012

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pots And Pans | Review and Swatches

Hi loves, I feel like I havn't done a makeup related review for you all in way too long,
so I decided to bring you on a product I've been really loving.

I've always heard tons of hype about the NYX Jumbo Eye pencils but never was able to try them. I couldn't find them anywhere in my area! They became so tempting, that I ordered them off of Ebay recently and fell in love. My favorite has quickly become Pots and Pans. Its a gorgeous metallic silver that has a wonderfully creamy consistency and long staying power.

Product Description
Websites that carry the Jumbo Eye Pencils claim they are a radiant eye liner that also doubles as an eye shadow. Made with a blend of mineral oil and powder, the creamy Jumbo Eye Pencils glide on effortlessly—no pulling, tugging or fading—and come in a rainbow of vivid hues.

Packaging:The packaging is a complete disappointment. I find myself wondering, "Once the pencil dulls, how am I going to sharpen this thing?" They don't come with sharpeners, and most stores sell the normal eyeliner sized sharpeners, not Jumbo Eye Pencil sized! The cap on this is also extremely flimsy. I've been keeping mine in my makeup bag (Which stays strictly in my closet) and its now cracked and loose.

Pigmentation: Pots and Pans is probably not the most pigmented Jumbo Eye Pencil you'll come across, but then again, they wern't really made for pigmentation. I love mine for a base, and I also love it for lining my lower lash line. If I want to wear it by itself, the pigmentation is there yet not as much as a powder eyeshadow. If I top one of these with a pigment or powder shadow, the pigmentation is unbelieveable. These are also fun to top with a glitter shadow since they are so creamy.

Longevity: The longevity of the Jumbo Eye Pencils is mediocre. Without a primer, I find that it tends to crease a little bit. Pots and Pans is a bit creamer than some of the other shades I've tried, such as Milk, which I think contributes to it creasing. When using UDPP, this will last all day and night. I also find that if I use this as a base and top it with a powder shadow, it keeps in place all day long.

Application: As I mentioned, Pots & Pans is super creamy. You can easily glide the pencil over your eyelids with no tugging or dragging involved. I've tried other eyeshadow pencils that tug at my eyelids, leaving a patchy mess beind. I love how the Jumbo Eye Pencil was so simple, and when I was done applying it, it was so easy to blend out with my fingertips. Its quite irritating when cream shadows don't blend out, so I was pleasantly surprised how easy to use this pencil was.

Ingredients: Ceresin Wax, Candelilla Wax, Bees Wax, Squalane, Hydrogenated Styrene, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Mineral Oils, Polyisobutene, Butylated Hydroxy Anisole, Propyl Paraben, Mica, Talc, C.I.77499, Pearl Powder.

Price: Between $2.99 and $4.50, depending on where you purchase them.

Using Pots N Pans all over the lid with Jordana Over the Taupe in the crease.

Overall: PRODUCT: 8/10

Have you tried any of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Outfit of the Day | Opposites Attract

Hi my loves! I am so sorry I havn't been posting as often as I should be. My schedules been very hectic lately with work and I am also purchasing a car, so that's extra work to be added. Today I wanted to show you the outfit I'm wearing to the mall. It's very simple, cute and feminine. I also love the dark tank with the cute floral pattern. They are so different yet go together very well.

Who would have thought Five Below would carry such adorable jewelry!

Tanktop: Marshalls - $5.99
Skirt: Aeropostale- $24.99
Flats: Mee Too Brand (Price and Purchase place unknown)
Bracelet: Five Below - $2.00
Necklace: Five Below - $2.00

I really hope you all enjoyed this outfit of the day! I know they've been getting great feedback in the past and I hope you all enjoyed this one equally! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lavanila Laboratories Vanilla Summer Review

Hey guys! My boyfriend and I just recently celebrated our two year anniversary together, and he really wanted to surprise me with something I've been lusting over. While we were at the mall, he sneaked into Sephora while I was looking in another store and came out with the fragrance I've been wanting all Summer! Lavanila Vanilla Summer is a limited edition scent from Lavanila that smells like Summertime itself.

Lets see how Lavanila describes this fragrance...
"Breathtaking blue skies meet the sound of lapping waves in this limited edition Summer 2012 fragrace that instantly transports you to your own private oasis. Fresh mango, juicy pineapple, creamy coconut milk, and island sugar cane are steeped in a sultry base of warm Madagascar vanilla creating a captivating melange that infuses those hot summer nights with a whipsering seductive breeze."

This is the most amazing fragrance I think I've ever owned. If you are looking for a vanilla based scent, this isn't the one for you, as I found that this is mainly coconut. It smells exactly like sweet coconut water with a bit of pineapple. It's a quite simple scent yet so delicious. It's very summery, but I think I will continue wearing it all year long, it's just that heavenly.

All Natural
My favorite thing about Lavanila's scents is that they are all natural. They don't contain Petrochemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, silicone, synthetic dyes, sulfates or parabens. In simple terms, the scents are free of harsh and possibly toxic chemicals. On they say that they infuse organic sugar cane alcohol with pure essential oils and vitamin rich technology, so whats left on your skin are body beneficial vitamins, not harsh chemicals.

As for lasting power, I was very impressed by how long the scent stayed. I sprayed it on my wrists, neck and two small sprays on my clothing, and it lasted me for about six hours. After that, it began to weaken, but was still present. I don't have a ton of experience with perfumes and fragrances, but since I typically use body mists, I was so happy to still be smelling like Vanilla Summer six hours later!

Get this while you can! As mentioned, its a limited edition fragrance for this summer so it will be gone soon! Its a must try for any coconut lover!
Price$58.00 USD / 1.7 oz

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chi Ceramic Nail Laquer in Love That Milky Way Shake

Hi loves! I can't remember the last time I did a Nail of the Day Post for you all! I recently picked up a few new polishes, and had to share with you! This one is my favorite, it's by CHI and the name is "Love That Milky Way Shake." Almost make you crave a milkshake doesn't it?

I love this polish because its so unique, and most definitely workplace appropriate. It is a soft taupe shade with silver sparkle. The glitters are abundant but very small. They are less noticeable from afar, but are stunning up close. This shade has a very glossy finish when dry, which is something I love.

Now, when it comes to painting my nails, I have little to no patience for terrible formulas. Luckily, this CHI polish is a complete dream to apply. It took three coats, which is standard, but it took only about thirty seconds of drying time between each coat! The consistency was perfect as well, not too thick, but not runny either. There wasn't a brush stroke or bubble in sight, which made me love this polish even more!

Isn't It gorgeous? I've really been loving this for everyday wear, and nudes/browns match with everything! I hope you all love this shade!

Have you ever tried CHI nail polish?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Outfit of the Day | Pretty in Pink!

Hi my loves! My last outfit of the day post seemed to go very well, so I decided to do another today! The sun is shining and its super humid out, so I figured a light flowy dress would be perfect and would keep me from getting too hot. This dress is a brighter neon pink in person, and unfortunatly neons are always difficult to capture on camera. You can just imagine the color of it!

Dress: Kohl's- AB Studio- Clearanced for $10.80 (Belt included)
Sandals: Target- $14.99
Necklace: Forever 21- $4.80
Bracelet: Juicy Couture

Don't forget, Kohl's has been kind enough to share a discount code for my readers: enter UBLOGTEN for ten percent off through October 24th! You can also combine it with other department specific discounts to stack your savings!

Again, I really hope you enjoyed this outfit of the day post, I am going to continue doing them as I see that my readers have been leaving lots of positive feedback. :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fall Lust List


Burgundy Hand Bag-Rebecca minkoff handbag $495 -

Ripped Skinny Jeans-

Burgundy Peep Toe Heels- Giuseppe Zanotti high heels $650 -

Nude Peplum Top- Miss Selfridge top $46 -

"Love" Rose Gold Ring- Sydney Evan rose gold ring $860 -

Nude Beanie Hat- $21 -

Two Tone Sunglasses- $23 -

Burgundy Cardigan- Miso cardigan $39 -

Grey Ruched Short Sleeve Shirt- $84 -

Nude Flats- BCBG Max Azria wedge shoes $195 -

Pearl Drop Earrings- Blue Nile gold earrings $280 -

NARS Blush Palette- $49 - Sephora

Floral Scarf- River Island floral scarve $20 -

I'm loving burgundy and nude pieces in my wardrobe for fall, they are so perfect for the time of the year when brights are ending. Rose gold is also a great acccessory choice, as it compliments burgundy and nudes well. A cute floral scarf will add a hint of color and pattern to any plain outfit, and big two tone sunglasses will look cute anytime of year. Jeans are perfect for that casual look when the weather cools and are always in style. Finish off your look with the new Nars Foreplay blush palette to add some color to those cheeks!

Although these products are mostly out of my reach (financially!) It was still a great time creating this list of fashion and beauty that would be great for the fall. Let me know if you enjoyed this post, I intend on doing them more often if I recieve positive feedback!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Florals & Colored Skinnies | Outfit of the Day

Hey loves! The weather is so beautiful and sunny today,
So I decided to do an outfit of the day post to reflect how gorgeous it is outside!
I know I havn't done one in a while and I figured it would be a good way to change things up a bit!
I'm also hoping to do more Outfit of the Day posts in the near future, so if you like them please let me know!

Top: Aeropostale $24.50
Colored Skinnies: Tinseltown Denim at Kohls $21.00
Wedges: Unbranded

You can purchase the colored skinnies at this link,> and check out all of the colors and sizes available! Kohl's is also kindly offering a ten percent discount for all my lovely readers! Enter UBLOGTEN through October 24th for ten percent off! You can also stack this with any other department specific code as well for even more savings!

These are some of the most comfortable skinnies I've ever owned! I also love bright colors for summertime, so they are perfect! Typically I don't like many pairs of jeans/denim on me, but I felt like these were decently flattering, and for the price I just couldn't pass them up! I feel like the top just adds a casual element as well, and since its loose fitting, it keeps you cool in the hot weather. The lace detailing is just gorgeous as well! I really had fun with this outfit of the day, would it be something you would be interested in seeing more of?